John Hagelaars

Marc van Weert
Factory Director

Wesley van der Heijden
Additive Design and Manufacturing Engineer

Machinefabriek De Valk keeps a modern machine park and focusses on all-encompassing projects: from the first sketch, to the making of the prototype and the realization and installation of the final product. We own two assembly halls, sized 800m2 and 1200m2, which enable us to do just that. Our facilities enable us to take on both big and small projects.

Moreover, De Valk has a class 7 cleanroom of 70m2 and a cleaning line where products can be cleaned and packaged dust free.

In addition to the broad experience in engineering, machining, assembly and finishing which ensures that the Valk is capable of handling complete projects from start to finish, De Valk is also a frontrunner in the field of 3D-printing. Thanks to our experience and knowledge and the MetalFAB1 metal 3D-printer, De Valk is one of the few Dutch manufacturers that is able to take care of 3D-printing projects from start to finish. After printing, the product is still rough. De Valk takes care of the perfect finish for your product.

In short, for almost 65 years we have been primarily thinking about innovative solutions and the highest quality for our loyal customers. That is what defines us, in every step of the process.


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