Since 2012, we have been actively involved in the field of 3D-printing. In recent years, we have gained substantial experience in the field of metallurgy, design and post-processing. This so-called learning on the job has paid off: we are now one of the leading experts in the field of 3D-printing in the Netherlands.


We will ensure that you, our customer, gets a finished product, not just a 3D-print.


This revolutionary technology enables us to produce in a freer form lighter, denser, more compact and complex designs in comparison to conventional production techniques. Moreover, we are able to reduce material costs up to 80%. 

A distinctive feature of 3D-printing is that the product is not finished when the printer has done its work. The product still needs finishing. We make sure that our customers will not receive a 3D-print, but a fully finished product that is ready for use. Our MetalFAB1 creates the first print, and our traditional machinery takes care of the desired refinements to make sure the product is fully finished. Thanks to its great precision, the MetalFAB1 barely ever makes a mistake. This ensures the quality you need.

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