In August 1948, Jan Hagelaars started in a small building. It was “The first machine factory of Valkenswaard, De Valk”. The first clients were local companies like cigar factories, shoe factories, and breweries, but centrifugal pumps were also built, for the benefit of sand dredgers. It was a diverse family-factory with the characteristics of a village.

When the first employees entered service, we moved to a more spacious building on the Eindhovenseweg. There we found the space to grow, both in terms of personnel and clients. Clients from all over the region were able to find us. Over the years, innovation played an important role in our history. The machinery was expanded further and further with, among other things, modernized CNC-controlled machines.

In 1986 we moved to our current location, a modern building in the industrial area de Vest.

Nowadays, De Valk works for the optical industry, the semi-conductor industry, various light divisions of Philips and customers all over Europe.